The Clifton School of Arts has served the Northern Illawarra as a centre for cultural, educational and community events for over 140 years. The iconic building overlooking the ocean, provides a spectacular venue for exhibitions, workshops, art and yoga classes, small concerts, film screenings and a wide range of educational and community events.


Clifton School of Arts is perched high on one of the most beautiful and dramatic sections of the Australian coastline. If you’re planning to visit the CSA to see an exhibition or come to an event, make sure to leave some time to walk the famous Sea Cliff Bridge. Just across the road from the CSA you will find great coffee and gourmet food at the Imperial @Clifton Hotel which is open 7 days a week. Feeling adventurous? Climb the ancient Wodi Wodi track to the top of the escarpment. You will pass through stunning angophora forests, discover pristine waterfalls and take in spectacular views up and down the Illawarra Coast.


Clifton School of Arts was buzzing with energy when 68 students from Scarborough Public School, their teachers and some parents visited the historical exhibition held to mark the CSA’s 111th anniversary. For most students it was their first visit to the CSA. Thank you to all the teachers and staff of Scarborough Public School and in particular Genevieve Smith for preparing the students so well and for organising the visit.

The enthusiasm the students showed and their engagement with both the exhibition and the CSA was so energising that we decided to work to make these visits a regular event. So the following week the CSA team had a very productive meeting at Scarborough School with Principal, Chris Hopkins and class teacher, Genevieve Smith, where ideas and future collaborations were enthusiastically discussed.