A community building since 1911


All proceeds from hiring the CSA go to maintain this historic public building as a community amenity to support the arts and community education. The CSA (The Venue) is owned by CSA Inc. in trust. CSA Inc is a not-for-profit incorporated association and is managed by an all-volunteer membership and committee.

PLEASE NOTE: CSA Inc. reserves the entire and unqualified right to accept or reject any application to hire the venue and to deny entrance to the premises to anyone deemed for any reason to be unac- ceptable to the CSA Management Committee.


1.1  A person becomes the Hirer when that person has accepted the CSA venue terms and condi- tions of hire, completed, signed and returned the Hire Agreement, and has paid the non- refundable Booking Administration Fee ($30) and non-refundable deposit ($50) to reserve the dates of hire.

1.2  Deposit, Hire Fees, Completed Venue Hire Agreement and Bond

(a) To secure the Hirer’s booking, all of the requirements specified in 1.1 above must be final- ized by the date specified in the Venue Hire Agreement.

(b) If the $80 and the completed and signed Venue Hire Agreement are not received by the date specified in the Venue Hire Agreement, and the person continues to want those hire dates, an additional fee penalty of $20 will be added to The Venue Hire fee and will be payable as per 1.2(c) below.

(c) The full hire fee balance (plus $20 penalty if 1.2(b) applies) must be paid into the CSA Inc. account at least 3 weeks before the hire date. For cancellations, less than 2 weeks prior to the hire date, 50% of the hire fee will be forfeited. The hire fee includes the use of upper and lower galleries, the kitchen, bathroom facilities and land immediately adjacent to the back of the building. The fee also includes non-extraordinary electricity, sewerage and cleaning expenses. There are no storage facilities at the venue.

(d) A bond of $500 must also be paid into the CSA Inc. account with the fee balance 3 weeks prior to the hire date. The full bond will only be returned if there is no damage to property, equipment or fixtures, the keys are returned, rubbish is dealt with appropriately (see 1.3(c)) and all hanging wires are left as required (See 1.3(d)). A CSA Inc. management committee rep- resentative will assess whether any of the above have not been adhered to. An appropriate de- duction from the bond will be determined, if required, before any of the bond is returned.

(e) CSA Inc. accepts the responsibility that The Venue will be available in a clean state at the commencement of hire. It is the responsibility of The Hirer to notify the Caretaker of any con- cerns about the state of the building AT THE COMMENCEMENT OF HIRE. In determining the amount of bond to be refunded, arguments that The Venue was not clean at the commence- ment of hire will not be accepted.

1.3  Additional Responsibilities of the Hirer

(a) The Hirer must gain the necessary approvals from relevant local and State authorities prior to booking the venue and comply with the requirements of those authorities.

(b) When alcoholic beverages are sold, the Hirer must obtain a ‘Limited Licence (Single Function)’ through the NSW Government Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.

(c) At the end of the hire period all rubbish must be placed into the appropriate bins behind the building. Where there is excess rubbish beyond the bin capacity, all excess rubbish must be taken away by the Hirer. Failure to adequately clean The Venue prior to the end of the hire pe- riod will result in all or part of the bond being forfeited. “Adequately cleaned” includes the re- quirement that interior walls be cleaned and any damage to walls be repaired.

(d) Art works must only be hung on the hooks and cables or placed on the plinths provided. Where the Hirer needs to remove existing hanging cables they must be temporarily hung from the hanging rail outside the toilet. If ‘hanging’ cables are removed by the Hirer, they must be re-installed as originally located. Cables must not be wound up, bent or kinked. Damaged cables must be paid for out of the bond.

(e) No Blutak, masking or other tape is to be used on the walls. If used on walls, a minimum penalty of $150 will be deducted from the bond.

(f) CSA Inc takes no responsibility for the content and form of art or work displayed in the ven- ue. Any item(s) brought to the venue must be removed at the end of the agreed hire date.

1.4  Noise and Security

(a) The venue is adjacent to residences and therefore all noise and outdoor activity should cease as follows – Sunday to Thursday by 10 pm, Friday, Saturday, and days immediately be- fore a public holiday, by 12 midnight.

(b) During the hire period, the Hirer must ensure the building is locked and all lights are turned off when the Venue is unattended. The Hirer is responsible to ensure that emergency exits re- main unobstructed during the hire period. The Hirer must return the keys to the Caretaker within 24 hours of the end of the hire, unless other arrangements have been made prior to oc- cupying and leaving the building.

1.5  Insurance

Insurance for works exhibited, and any materials brought into The Venue, and Public Liability Insurance for all risks associated with an event, are the responsibility of the Hirer.

1.6  Clifton School of Arts Inc. Commonwealth Bank Account details.

Please note the CSA Inc. account details for payment of all fees and the bond are: Account Name: Clifton School of Arts

BSB: 062 607

Account Number: 10052316

Cheques should be made out to Clifton School of Arts Inc. When depositing via transfer or di- rect deposit, ‘transaction description’ must include Hirer’s Surname and Hire Dates if possible.

This document should be retained by the Hirer for reference to the Terms and Conditions of Hire of the Clifton School of Arts (The Venue) and the CSA Inc. account details as detailed above.

CSA Venue Hire: Terms and Conditions of Hire. 7 May 2018