Prelude: Artists’ Books Now

Prelude: Artists’ Books Now will showcase a variety of approaches to making books and the many ways that artists find to share information, to explore ideas and to convey their deep interest in a particular topic from politics to bees, from the environment to past histories and from meditations on place to our personal relationships.

Prelude: Artists’ Books Now, will be on show at Clifton School of Arts in November 2023. The exhibition will bring together selected work created by established and emerging book artists, celebrating the book as a dynamic contemporary art form that takes many shapes.

Curated by a team of CSA members who make artists books, the exhibition will include fifty works selected from seventy-two invited artists.

An artist’s book can be many things. The possibilities are endless. For some it is an object – a book that cannot be opened; or an altered existing book such as We Are Volcanoes by Lizzie Buckmaster Dove where the artist has reassembled pages of an old atlas to tell her story. Many of the works include printmaking but other artists have used watercolour, collage, text, and unusual construction techniques as in Alan Purdom’s Babel, a free-standing tower referring to the Declaration of Human Rights while Mary Rosengren’s wall hung documentation, Peatlands 1 and 2, is housed in wooden drawers.


The exhibition will be staffed by two artists who will be available to talk to visitors and explain different approaches and techniques. There will be an afternoon of artist talks by local bookmakers on Saturday November 11, from 2-4pm.


Prelude: Artists’ Books Now will be opened by Akky van Ogtrop, president of the Print Council of Australia on November 3 at 6pm. The exhibition continues until November 12. Everyone is welcome.

  • This exhibition is a great introduction to the genre of artists’ books. These bookworks are by artists who work with the book as an artistic medium. The works are diverse, intriguing and beautiful.

    06/11/2023 at 7:26 am
  • Sara Dorin.

    Could you recommend a book or web site that would explain this art form in more detail. I am interested to learn more about it and to encourage my 12 year old grand daughter as well. I live in Melbourne and am unable to attend the exhibition.
    Thank you,

    07/11/2023 at 10:03 pm
  • Alison Miller

    is the artists books photos online I only found out closes in 2 days

    09/11/2023 at 8:27 pm

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