GROWN OCEANS Memory Gardens

Grown Ocean is a large ensemble project led by the Sydney-based pianist, composer & improvisor Novak Manojlovic. The band performs through-composed works which span a vast array of genres, evoking recollections of time & place through swirling mosaics of sound, song forms, quiet meditations and cathartic peaks. Their first record, entitled ‘We Are Very Far’ (2016), presents a suite of music which demonstrates an array of influences from noise, to folk, to contemporary and classical music.

Grown Ocean’s most recent work ‘Memory Gardens’ is a swirling, vast dedication to Novak’s hometown of Wollongong & is set to premiere in Wollongong & Sydney in May 2019. The music reflects on the historical & geographical aspects of the multifaceted city – with tremulous soundscapes eliciting images of coasts & mountains, or thrumming backbeats evoking highways & rail-lines – while also exploring the nostalgias of youth & growth & loss through melody and meditation.

We Are Very Far (2016)

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